The Force Family

Perrysburg, Ohio

The Force Family came to us with a big vision for their home improvement project on Five Point Road in Perrysburg, Ohio. Having owned other homes in varying locations, the Forces are veterans at home renovations and invited us to help them accomplish a rather complicated plan. The two key objectives were; a major kitchen remodel and a sizeable front elevation upgrade.

New & Improved Kitchen

Force Family Project Objective #1

The kitchen remodel required a significant layout change by removing walls and distributing space to enlarge the size of the kitchen.  The demo of interior walls, flooring, and other items was extensive. However, it allowed us to create a whole new kitchen footprint and cabinet layout. Unique craftsman style interior columns were integrated into the design to pull the exterior upgrades together with the interior changes. The combination of new flooring, two tone kitchen/island cabinets, quartz countertops, large crown molding, base trim, and a stunning backsplash created an amazing new kitchen.

Front Elevation

Project Objective #2

The changes to the front elevation can be best appreciated with the “before and after” photos. The original colonial style architecture with skinny two-story posts were deleted to make way for a new first floor porch roof and deck across the front of the house. Craftsman style columns and railing create a striking front elevation. The front door entry location is moved to the left side of the porch to help achieve the interior layout. 

project challenge

that our team overcame

The Force Project had a few unforeseen challenges that may have been overwhelming for many homeowners. However, the Forces’ experience with home renovations enabled them to evaluate these existing conditions that we discovered and approved the solutions that our team had suggested.


The structural beams in the front wall of the house and in the basement were severely undersized and would fail a structural inspection.

Solution: cONSULT & nEW hEADERS

After consulting an engineer, we sized the LVL structural beams and replaced the old, compromised headers.

5 Stars for the T. Davis Contractors LLC Team. We choose them for our home remodeling project. From their professionalism to their responsiveness we had a very positive experience. A great value and high quality work from the entire team.

The Force Family