Tim Davis II  - Owner & Operator

Tim Davis II - Owner & Operator

Tim Davis Sr.  - Owner & Estimator

Tim Davis Sr. - Owner & Estimator


T. Davis Contractors, LLC is founded on three core values:

1) Transparency – We believe being completely above board is good for business. We strive to give every client clear, concise information on pricing and the work we will perform. We have met many Owners who have been burned on previous projects with hidden costs and important items not covered or included.

2) Quality – We are committed to giving every client excellent workmanship that meets and exceeds the industry standards. There are no short cuts or bargains to achieve real quality.

3) Value - We believe informed clients make quality decisions. We work hard in a consulting role early in the project development to assist our clients with the benefit of our resources and experience. It often saves clients time and money by avoiding the many pitfalls of construction projects.